Leadership Tribe

Leadership Tribe

The Politician = Leadership

Politicians use hard work and passion to lead others to create positive change. Their focus is on the collective as well as bringing individuals along. Politicians are catalysts for change.

Personality Traits

The Politician Tribe is made of natural born leaders, who wish to leave a mark on the world. They are dedicated hard workers and their advice is sought by those around them. They have charisma and confidence and can be a guiding light to others in difficult times. They naturally bring people together and are respected for being reliable and for their work ethic. They are determined and have quick and sharp minds.

Example Politician: Joaquim Chissano

Joaquim Chissano served as the second president of Mozambique from 1986 – 2005. He is credited for transforming the war torn country of Mozambique into one of the most successful African democracies. Chissano also served as the Chairperson of the African Union from 2003 – 2004. In an open letter to African leaders on outlining a common position for Africa on the development agenda which would replace the Millennium Development goals after 2015, Chissano urged African leaders to take a strong stand for fundamental human rights, LGBT equality and basic freedoms which included the freedom for everyone to make informed decisions about one’s health, sexuality, and if, when and with whom to have relationships without any form of discrimination, violence, or coercion.

A tribe is a place to belong, a group to protect, a people united by ties of descent, customs and traditions. Or just people that think alike.

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