Healing Tribe

Healing Tribe

The Healer = Health

Healers are true altruists They spend their time making others stronger, healthier and happier. Moral and humble people, Healers easily form deep connections to many kinds of people.

Personality Traits

The Healer Tribe is made up of people who are led by their hearts rather than their minds. Highly moral and with pure intent they reach out to others to provide comfort, security and support in a non-judgemental way. Healers are social creatures, and popular with many friends. Healers take their responsibilities to help others very seriously and love to serve others.

Example Healer: Festus Mogae

Botswana’s former President Festus Mogae has broken ranks with conservative views regarding sex workers and homosexuality. When he was president, Mr Mogae pushed for free anti-retroviral therapy to curb mother-to-child-transmission. He says, it is time to confront the issue of gay rights and prostitution – matters which are rarely spoken about in public. Moage has said that if gay people and sex workers are arrested it does not help them, there are men who sleep with other men and they are citizens. Mogae has said that it is important to curb new infections of HIV therefore all people including sex workers, prisoners and gay people must have access to free condoms.

A tribe is a place to belong, a group to protect, a people united by ties of descent, customs and traditions. Or just people that think alike.

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