Educational Tribe

Educational Tribe

The Teacher = Education

Teachers are people with a deep rooted desire to assist others to be their very best. They aspire to uplift communities slowly but steadily and to support individuals through education.

Personality Traits

The Teacher Tribe is made up of people with good inter-personal skills and are both receptive to change and stable and steady rocks. They are generous and embrace all, and are neither judgemental nor condescending. Teachers are energetic and enthusiastic people with a warmth and openness that reaches out to all students. Teachers see fairness as a pivotal necessity in a better world.

Example Teacher: Sylvia Tamale

Sylvia Tamale is a Ugandan academic and was the first women Dean in the Law Faculty at Makerere University. Tamale has also edited a ground-breaking volume called African Sexualities: A reader: the first of its kind written by African activists themselves and aims to inspire a new generation of students and teachers to study, reflect and gain fresh and critical insights into gender and sexuality on the African continent. Tamale, is one of the leading African feminist scholars, a passionate human rights activist who defends the rights of those persons the public would rather not associate with particularly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Africans.

A tribe is a place to belong, a group to protect, a people united by ties of descent, customs and traditions. Or just people that think alike.

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